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Monica Silva

Years in the Making

From Digital Media to Winemaking

Ms. Silva is a great talent with an entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2001, she has led a fun and successful career architecting intuitive and interactive experiences in Digital Media Design & Entertainment for large corporations as well as start-ups. Simultaneously, her love for wine and pairing food with wine was such a joy, prompting her curiosity for wine to grow intensely with every year. This passion inevitably evolved into another rewarding and enjoyable career.

Momorable Moments

“Growing up in a Latin home — aside from the everyday presence of music, dancing and, love expressed through food — I learned that quality wine came hand-in-hand with the enjoyment of meals, and with even greater appreciation during celebrations, and big family gatherings. These beautiful moments became lasting memories that I am seldom taken back to when enjoying wine. Therefore to me, wine is synonymous with great times, sophistication and style. A pleasure I now immerse in as I relish every drop of wine with the utmost admiration while continuing to create even more beautiful moments."


Immersed in the World of Wine

Driven by an innate desire to learn more on any subject piquing her interest, Ms. Silva was determined to dive deep into the world of wine. Extensive reading, tasting, education, and traveling then brought on an elevated curiosity to delve into the artful and fascinating world of winemaking.


Winemaking at Home

Guided by her neighbor — long-time winemaker Franchesco Salubro from Calabria, Italy — Ms. Silva's involvement with wine started with enjoyable winemaking at her country home in Hudson Valley, New York. The magic was set in motion as she experimented with different varietals until hitting the perfect notes to her taste, producing rich Cabernet Blends and refreshingly crisp Sauvignon Blancs. Even the mere experience of watching a cloudy, sweet liquid turn into a clear, alcoholic one — accompanied by the hiccupping of an airlock — was such an exceptionally pleasing experience to her. Subsequently, a revolutionary new career soon followed.


Mass Production

What once started as a love affair delightfully flourished into a commitment to producing world-class wine. Ms. Silva immediately took action, prompting an incredible movement. In 2018, Ms. Silva inevitably moved to the mass production side in Napa Valley, CA, launching her IMPREZIV line soon after that. Her love and passion for wine now became a brand.


Relentless Dedication

Making world-class products is Ms. Silva's goal as she dedicates herself to producing top-quality, rich and stylish wine & spirits, crafted in excellence with a refined elegance you can taste — the IMPREZIV taste.


Fun Fact

Monica is a foodie who loves cars, salsa dancing, martial arts, traveling, and of course, wine.